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Mechanical Assembly

Enhanced Capacity, We’ll Handle it All

Quantronic’s Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) expertise is not just limited to PCB circuit assemblies; our customers look to us to deliver completed subassemblies and finished OEM product box build. We offer a full suite of electronic, electromechanical and support services, including:


  • Material Procurement Turnkey
  • Consigned Material Management
  • Plastic and Metal Enclosure
  • Complex Final Assembly
  • Encapsulation and Conformal Coating
  • Functional Testing and QA
  • Burn In Testing
  • Environmental Stress Screening
  • Labeling and Bar Coding
  • Kitting
  • Documentation Inclusion
  • Automated and Custom Packaging
  • Drop Shipping


We are able to supply fabrication of metal enclosures. With quick sampling and competitive pricing, we are able to provide  metal fabrication services to produce metal stampings out of virtually any alloy.  Capabilities include:


  • Up to 400 ton presses
  • Welding
  • Secondary processing
  • Heat treating
  • Painting
  • Plating
  • Surface Finishing
  • Tumbling 
  • Electrostatic Coating


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