Surface Mount (SMT) Circuit Assembly - Precision manufacturing is our expertise. Our commitment is to quality, and it is our top priority. Quantronic quality systems ensure quality is the focus of every employee and at the forefront of their mind. We have a nationally recognized IPC in-house trainer who provides continued education to all techs, handlers and supporting team members. Quantronics manufacturing is done in the United States, with cutting edge, top of the line automated SMT assembly lines that are capable of placing any component in the market today, including fine pitch, BGA’s and a wide variety of leadless parts. Our commitment to industry standards of quality is proven with every circuit board built. Quantronic adheres to the IPC-610A standards for Surface Mount Device (SMD) of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assemblies.

BGA, micro-BGA, Fine pitch

SMD Chip size 1210, 1206, 0603, 0402 and 0201 Leadless components

Complex Assembly

Through-Hole Technology (THT) Assemblies

Our PCB manufacturing capabilities of intricate designs and hybrid technologies include through-hole assembly. Our highly trained employees and new, fully automated THT Assembly lines. We deliver the latest technology for precision insertion. Our Selective Solder machine enables us to solder pitches down to 0.025”, ensuring accuracy while producing less waste overall.

Printed Circuit Board Fabrication: Our board suppliers tailor to unique strengths in which our partnership provides the ability to offer a variety of circuit board fabrications:

Rigid, up to 20 layers

Material: FR-4, FR-406 (170TG)

Finish: Electroplated soft gold and hard immersion gold, immersion silver Size up to max 20in x 24 in

Quality System

ISO 9001 Quality Management

UL Recognized

Soldering/Workmanship Standards

Class III Standard IPC-A-600



Metal Enclosures

Reliable partnerships in a variety of metal enclosure manufacturers, we can provide quick sampling and competitive pricing. Metal fabrication services produce metal stampings out of virtually any alloy. Capabilities include:

Up to 400-ton presses
Secondary processing
Heat treating
Surface Finishing
Electrostatic Coating


Our Electronic Manufacturing Services include full repair, circuit board rework and Engineering change orders and offer remanufacturing to upgrade obsolete or older products, providing benefit to you by utilizing current inventory and products.