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High End Capabilities, Low End Cost

Full Turnkey Production

Quantronic electronic contract manufacturing services include procurement solutions for all of your electronic, cable, wire, electromechanical, custom and exotic material products.  We procure and manage all components and material, reducing cost and keeping your inventory low.  We then deliver to you a quality finished product exactly when you want it. 


Inventory Management by:

  • Fully Operational bar code inventory system
  • Dedicated Materials Management team
  • Just In Time (JIT)
  • Customer Integrated Pull System


Cost Reductions by:

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Strategic Supplier Partnerships
  • Overseas Sourcing
  • Global Supply Chain



Consignment Production

Quantronic’s flexibility offers a variety of inventory handling solutions for you.  We offer the option that you purchase and manage your own electronic and electromechanical components, maintaining control of your inventory.  We ensure the safety of your product and inventory, while giving you an edge by providing quality assembly services.


  • Complete Segregation of Consigned Inventory
  • Part Kitting
  • Kanban Replenishment system
  • Serialization



Design for Manufacturability (DFM)

Quantronic’ services include Design for Manufacturability.  Our engineers can provide a thorough exam of your existing product and propose modifications that will ensure the highest level of reliability at the lowest cost of production.



Our Electronic Manufacturing Services include full repair, circuit board rework and remanufacturing services.  We can quickly react to engineering change orders and offer remanufacturing for upgrading of obsolete or older products, providing benefit to you by utilizing current inventory and products.



Quick Turn

Quantronic is able to assist you in quickly turning your ideas and concepts into finished products and full production runs.  We work directly with your engineers on your product to provide quick feedback and solutions to ensure your project is produced as quickly as possible. We strive to lower your production costs all the while improving the quality and performance of your product. Pilot runs with insightful design feedback means full-scale production can occur sooner. In many cases we can have your assembly turned around in as little as 24 hours to ensure your advantage in time to market.


RoHs Lead free

The European Union’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (ROHS) Directive took effect in 2006, which bans the placement of new electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) containing lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and both polychlorinated biphenyl (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants on the EU market, changing the electronic manufacturing industry worldwide.


With over 5 years of RoHS experience, Quantronic maintains a pro-active approach in assisting customers with RoHS compliance and conversions.  We assist customers in crossing leaded parts to lead-free components. Services available to customers include part crossing as well as documentation assistance to demonstrate RoHS compliance. 


RoHS Assembly Solutions Include: 

  • Teaming up with our bare board suppliers, solder paste manufacturers and our component distributors to qualify and approve specific lead free pastes, printed circuit board materials and processes.
  • Investment in and installation of new equipment, such as a new surface mount reflow oven, wave solder machine, select solder machine, soldering irons, that will process and utilize only "RoHS" compliant materials.
  • Defined and implemented  new part numbering, color coding, and inventory segregation system to quickly distinguish between a lead free component and a leaded one, according to IPC lead-free practices.




Quantronic is more than just another link in your supply chain;
we are your solution source.


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