About Us

Assembling Innovation One Circuit at a Time

With exceptional assembly solutions and support since 1995, Quantronic’s experienced team provides quality contract manufacturing services, specializing in high mix, low to medium volume production. Our comprehensive Electronic Contract Manufacturing (ECM) support and Contract Electronic Manufacturing (CEM) services provide fully automated assembly options for printed circuit boards (PCB) and Final OEM Product Builds.

Our manufacturing facility is 35,000 square feet of a controlled environment, including ESD, temperature, and humidity. Protected by restricted access and monitored with a video surveillance system.

Proudly made in the USA. Conveniently located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

With over twenty-five years of being a leader in the electronic assembly industry, we understand our biggest success story relies on our people. Our most valued asset, every employee is not just a part of our team, but a part of our family.

Safety is our number one priority, and we took action well before state mandated protocols. Our extensive preventative measures where well in place before the Covid-19 pandemic. These safety protocols include maskwearing, social distancing, and remote working options. Gloves are part of our process to keep our employees safe and our products to high standards of quality. With our fully automated assembly lines, leading to a reduction in human to product contact to a minimum.