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          At Quantronic we believe in building lasting relationships. We feel that our contribution to your success is essential. In order to achieve this goal, we have designed our product and service offerings to encompass a full range of capabilities. The services that we offer are designed to enable our customers improved efficiency while ultimately improving their profitability. 

          Quantronic's wide range of capabilities provides for the seamless transition from product development and design to final assembly and ready to ship product. However, our services don't end here. There is a continued support for a customer's product even after it has been manufactured and shipped.


  • Quick-Turn prototyping Turnkey material management.

    1. Design for manufacturability.

    2. Pre and Pos-Manufacture analysis.

    3. Prototype focus factory environment designed for maximum flexibility.

  • Logistics.
  • Documentation procedures.
  • Remanufacturing.
  • Procurement.
  • Program management.
  • Higher Level Assembly.
  • Dedicated materials management.
  • Manufacturing services.
  • Advanced manufacturing solutions.
  • Test solutions.
  • Focus factory methodology.
  • Customer teams.




  • Surface mount assembly.
  • Fine pitch is also capable of BallGrid Array (BGA) placement.
  • Thru hole assembly.
  • Full turnkey solutions, large stock and fully operational bar code system.
  • Consignment and kitting solutions.
  • In-circuit and functional testing.
  • Prototype and product development.
  • Circuit board remanufacturing and immediate action to revision and changes.
  • SMT, PTH and mixed technologies (0201 placement capabilities).
  • BGA, Fine and Ultra Fine Pitch device placement.
  • PCB assembly.
  • Potting Assembly.
  • Conformal Coating.


  • Complete product assembly.
  • Packaging solutions.
  • Test functional.
  • UL-CE certification.


          Quantronic has a extensive in-house testing capabilities, which ensures that reliable products are shipped to our customers. Complete electrical and mechanical tests are conducted before a product leaves our warehouse.


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